Wednesday, June 25, 2008

hard work really does pay off

hard work pays off i know that while your doing the hard work it does not seem like it but believe me when I tell you that hard work does pay off the end. As a former boss i can tell you that I noticed when other employees worked harder than others and that i noticed when some would stay late or come in on the weekends in order to get things done.

This to shows that a worker is dedicated to there job and that is something every employer is looking for in an employee one that is going to work hard and do some extra stuff on the side. if you get a chance be sure to stay after your shift is over and get something extra done for the company because I can assure you that your boss will notice.

Looking for a second home

I have been thinking about getting a second home this year. All my friends tell me I am crazy to want a second home right now because of the current housing crisis we have going on here in America but i tell them this. It s a buyers market right now with so many homes being for closed on and many homes for sale at just what the former owner owes you can find 200,000 dollar homes for sale for 50,000.

Now not all homes for sale in todays market are like this but that is the type of home I am hunting for one that is worth at least 4 times its amount being asked for the price to buy. I just wonder if I will be able to find a home here or in the State I used to live and want to move back to so much Colorado. I guess only time will tell but i am at least going to look.

Got a new plasma screen

Just got a new plasma television at the house this week thanks to my mom and dad that hooked me up for my birthday this year. It is so BIG that I had to totally rearrange my living room area. The colors on this thing are awesome and when i play my Play Station 3 blu-ray discs on it they look way better than i ever imagined them looking.

I almost kick myself for not buying a plasma screen earlier because it looks that good but glad i did not because my parents bought me one for my birthday which saved me a lot of money and time I would have spent saving up for the t.v.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Well here goes another

Whats up everyone reading this new blog I created here on blogger. i decided to take the plunge and try out a blog for awhile i was told by just about everyone that I know that blogger is the best free service out there to use for blogging so here I am. This is just to get my feet wet in the blogging to see how it is and if I like it or not.

You can be sure I will be blogging for a little while at least so do not run away infact stay while i write another post.