Saturday, July 19, 2008

Some dvds for us grown ups

Shopping for an adult dvd online is easy to do thanks to this great store the specializes in selling adult dvds online and they also offer blu-ray discs and HD DVDs and even movies on demand. I always order over $50 dollars worth that way i get a discount and you will to if you do the same.

So if your an adult and legal to do so in your area then be sure to check out this great adult dvd store online because you will save tons of money and be able to choose from thousands of titles.

Who is going to have there tape leaked next?

I was surprised to find after doing some surfing with friends one night to find there were so many sex tapes of celebrities out there. It seems that even mini me has a sex tape and one of Paris Hiltons friends got her tape leaked on her doing it with Brandies brother Ray J. And then of course there is teh famous must see Paris Hilton sex tape.

So now that everyone in there there brother has a sex tape out there who do you think will be the next celebrity sex tape leaked and why? i think it is only a matter of time before Jessica Simpson tape makes it way to the internet but time will tell if I am right or your right.

Why do men watch these things?

So me and some girl friends go out for a night out of the town with our mothers and nieces to spend some time with our family and when we get back we caught our men watching an adult video on the television in the family room.

So when we opened the door it was like seeing cock roaches scatter when the lights turn on and it took us only a second to figure out with all the red faces and the noise coming from the back round what they were watching. And needless to say it made things a little weird for the rest of the night.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

HIV and the Bayer corporation

This company must be brought to justice here in the United States of America for what they did to the hemophiliacs of the World. Click over to watch the video to see what happened but no that Bayer made medicine with HIV in it and sold it to unknowing people who took it and got AIDS as a result and most have already died.

To think that they have gotten away with this crime for so long makes me sick and they need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent on the law here in America otherwise they have gotten away with murdering children in our country.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Needed a place to chat

It is always good to have a place to go chat with no fear of being judged many rich people can afford a psychiatrist but for the rest of us online chat rooms seem to be the place to go and get advice. Now I am not running my life by this advice and neither should you but hearing what other would also do in my situation helps to know that I am not crazy in thinking the thoughts I do.

Anyways having a place to chat for fun is great to have to because when your a stay at home mom getting out and having a good time is something we do not get very often. And I have found a place for both of my needs and am going to share them with everyone out there in case they are looking for a place to chat about anything. So click on the link provided and see if you like it as much as me.

Another great summer around here.

Another great summer around here with lots of sunshine and plenty of warm nights to go out and party with friends around town. Lots of great people are here in the South with happy times that will always be remembered and thanks to my camera phone will will also be shared but not all photos will make it online.

I am waiting on getting a video recorder on my phone so i can start putting up some great clips of me and friends hanging out having a great time doing what we do.